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 (CNN) -- Before "The Mandalorian" made its debut, animated series carried the "Star Wars" banner on TV, keeping hope alive. The franchise returns to those roots with "Star Wars: The Bad Batch," a fun if not particularly distinctive "The Clone Wars" extension. Built around a small band of re…

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Right now, many of my fellow Kent State students are currently in the process of working out exactly how to get enrolled in classes this fall (or possibly summer) and how exactly to get these classes paid for. Seeing as such, I figured it would be appropriate to cover a topic I have been mea…

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“It’s astonishing to me how we can all be so okay yet so not fine all at one time,” my friend wrote to me as we discussed this past year of growth for us. The COVID-19 pandemic has tested us in a slew of ways, yet we still find ourselves able to find joy. While we’ve experienced incredible l…