Julio Pino

Photo courtesy of Kent State University

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are investigating Julio Pino, a Kent State associate history professor, for alleged involvement with the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIl.

A joint terrorism task force has been investigating Pino for the last year and a half, said an FBI special agent who did not wish to be named for safety reasons.

“There is no direct threat to the university,” the agent said.

The agent said they interviewed several faculty members and more than 20 of Pino’s students Tuesday about his alleged involvement. He is also being investigated for allegedly recruiting students to join ISIS.

Kent State is fully cooperating with the FBI,” said University Spokesman Eric Mansfield. “As this is an ongoing investigation, we will have no further comment.”

Mansfield said he could not comment on whether or not Pino would continue to teach at the university.

“The FBI has assured Kent State that there is no threat to campus,” Mansfield said.

University President Beverly Warren is aware of the investigation, according to the agent.

Pino is teaching two classes this semester: History of Cuba and Central America and a senior seminar in history.

Editor's Note: Kent Stater Editor Emily Mills was among those interviewed by special agents from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

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The real outrage here would be what he teaches in his classes about the communist slave-state Cuba.

Israels defense minister just said he supports ISIS to take over Syria. Just for the record ISIS and Israel are not enemies.

I am thoroughly disgusted and embarrassed to say I graduated from this University. I had heard a few times gossip regarding some improper statements made by the Professor and this article validates what I had heard....Freedom of Speech? I think not....Speech is an act and acts which cause unnecessary and substantial harm or support terrorristic threats or acts are illegal. I am not talking about causing offense or promoting an unpopular and even morally corrupt point of view. But it is not legal to incite harm or death to our citizens ( in the legal sense) and nor should it be. Freedom of speech exists to promote the liberty of individuals, not to allow us to cause harm to one another.

I applaud the Kent State students responsible for the publication of this unsettling information. Obviously, you are doing the job that university officials do not have the guts to do. My daughter attends Kent State, and I am concerned. Why are university officials protecting this employee, particularly since he has been under FBI investigation for awhile? If his actions are indeed "reprehensible" to the university, why is he still employed? Gratefully, my daughter does not have this professor; if she did, she told me she would withdraw from his class. Since the university refuses to act, at least students have the option to refuse to be a part of this professor's "audience."

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